I started my career in the 1970's working as Merchandising Editor for top fashion magazine Vogue Australia. My responsibilities included forecasting and presenting, fashion and colour trends to the retail and manufacturing industries across Australia.

My interest turned direction in the 1980's when I opened a small gallery space in Mosman exhibiting early American folk art and unique antique quilts sourced from regular trips across America and to New York.

It was while running my gallery that interest came from clients to help with their interiors, and so began a career spanning 25 years of interior consulting.

Over the years I have been supported by top publications such as House & Garden, Vogue Living and Belle who have either featured the unique pieces I have imported or interiors that I have designed.

During the 1990's I worked as a contributor and photo stylist for a County Looks Magazine. During this time I also invested in inner city real estate, renovating run down apartments and re-selling as fully furnished investments for the emerging executive rental market.

Project managing and a hands on approach gave me the opportunity to express myself. My goal: to transform the apartment with attention to detail into a desirable, comfortable and soulful living space. Magazine coverage followed and soon investors were seeking my advice.

For the past 15 years I have worked on many varied projects consulting on every detail both for interior and exterior, always with my continued passion and client loyalty.

In this age of environmental awareness at all levels I have become even more vigilant and sensitive to intent and quality, with all its shapes and forms, when sourcing and advising clients.

Australian manufactured and designed items are always a top priority, also presenting to clients pre-loved and antique which also have less of a footprint on the environment. I believe an interior should be timeless, loved and not disposable at the whim of fashion.

North Sutherland - photographer, The Photo Studio