On a Budget? In addition to working with clients on an ongoing basis at an hourly rate or project fee, I  also offer a number of packages tailored to a client on a budget. You can choose from one of our 3 package services below.


PACKAGE 1- Home Decorating Consultation

This is a basic package for those wanting advice for either a specific room, or final overall touches to your home.

During the 2 hr consultation I will come to your home and offer styling advice. This process will combine the use of your current furniture, with the discussion of soft furnishing additions. This package offers advice on decorating ideas of your selection,  whether it be advice on products or colour schemes, it aims to encompass all manners of decorating enquiries. This is an affordable option designed to help you avoid expensive mistakes when uncertain of your directions. Contact me for my package rates


PACKAGE 2- Colour Your Home Consultation

Are you having trouble selecting paint colours for your home? This package involves colour consultation of up to 2 hours. Evaluating your home, I can provide expert advice on paint colour or alternative wall covering choices, whether it be for one room, or the whole house. All aspects of the environment are considered, including existing and future textiles, followed by a written report and brush outs. Contact me for my package rates


PACKAGE 3- Styling Your Home For Sale

Refreshing the visual appeal of your home to ensure it looks fabulous on open days and maximizes its' sale value. An initial consultation will be required to ascertain your needs with a project quote thereafter. Contact me for my package rates

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