The initial brief for an old tiny inner city worker's cottage when first visiting the client was to conserve and respect what she already had and yet find pieces that would be complementary to the renovations she had undertaken a few years ago. Keeping her personal art collection was important and certainly was a catalyst for the choices in colour and textiles.

Chairs were recovered in texture and colour, paintings were reframed and repositioned, a new floor rug, sofa and soft furnishings balanced into what became a subtle update. She wanted colour to be, "occasionally bold, and sometimes calm". She wanted, "disciplined (but not boring) input."


'Trish Hurst has a wonderful sense of colour, function and design. She doesn't use formulaic decorating routines, she takes you shopping and sends you ideas so that you can see and feel what would work. T

hat way you get to make choices, guided by experience. I had an eclectic mix of furniture and personal items that needed pulling together in a manner that made sense to the way I want to live, each room is different but all tone with each other, creating a sense of well-being. Surely what we all want from our living spaces'